How to Get Current Full URL in Laravel 10?




How to Get Current Full URL in Laravel 10?

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Laravel 10 get current url in controller is the focus of our discussion today. I made my explanation of how to view the current url in Laravel 10 simple. In this article, we'll use Laravel 10 to implement a retrieve current url. Laravel 10 retrieve current url can be seen. So, let's get started with the steps.

Laravel provides a URL facade that way we can get the current URL anywhere, as bellow you can see I use the current() URL facade. URL facade through which you can get your current page URL from every where. So you can check your current URL this way:

Get Current URL in Laravel:

Example 1: current() with Helper

$currentURL = url()->current();


Example 2: full() with Helper(with query string parameters)

$currentURL = url()->full();


Example 3: current() with Facade

$currentURL = URL::current();


Example 4: full() with Facade(with query string parameters)

$currentURL = URL::full();


Example 5: using Request

$currentURL = Request::url();


Get Previous URL in Laravel:

$url = url()->previous();


Get Current Route in Laravel:

$route = Route::current()->getName();


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