How To Get Last 3 Months Data In MySQL?




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I am going to explain you example of how to get last 3 months data in MySQL?. You will learn MySQL query to get last 3 months data. I would like MySQL select last 3 months. This article will give you simple example of SQL query to get last 3 months data.

We will use get search how to select last 3 months from news table using MySQL. You can understand a concept of search how to take last 3 month dates from the current month in MySQL. So, we can illustrate the getting a date 3 months in the past MySQL.

You can see both example of how do I get my last 3 months data in MySQL.

Let's see bellow example:

Table: users

Solution SQL Query:



FROM `users`

WHERE DATE(created_at) >= (DATE(NOW()) - INTERVAL 3 MONTH)


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