Class 'Form' not found in Laravel 7

Apr 04, 2020



Hello Guys,

In this blog we are learn how to solve 'form' class not found exceptions. if you have to use laravel form first install laravel "laravelcollective/html" package. this is laravel html custom syntex. this package provide many types of syntex.

In laravel 7 does not support html package 5.x. you have to use 6.0. after laravel 5.8 you have to use latest version of html.

Using Command

Using this command you can install latest and supported version of "laravelcollective html"

composer require laravelcollective/html

OR Using Composer Update

or put following code in you composer.json file then fire composer update command.

"laravelcollective/html": "~6.0"

then update composer using following command

composer update

I hope it can help you...

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