Python Program to Calculate BMI




Python Program to Calculate BMI

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This article will provide example of Python Program to Calculate BMI. Here you will learn Body Mass Index calculator in Python. you can see Create A BMI Calculator Using Python. This article will give you simple example of Simple Bmi Calculator Using Python With Code Examples. Let's see bellow example Calculate Your BMI.

Python BMI calculator; In this tutorial, you will learn how to implement BMI(body mass index) calculator in python.

Following examples with output:

Example 1: Python Program BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator

# take inputs from the user

height = float(input("Enter height in meters: "))

weight = float(input("Enter weight in kg: "))

# the formula for calculating bmi

bmi = weight/(height**2)

# print result

print("Your BMI is: {0} ".format(bmi))


Enter height in meters: 1.89

Enter weight in kg: 65

Your BMI is: 18.19657904313989

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