Laravel Validation lte field Example




Laravel Validation lte field Example

Now let's see example of lte validation example in laravel application. We will talk about laravel rule validate a field less than another field. In this article i am going to learn you how to validate a field less than another field.

The field under validation must be less than or equal to the given field. The two fields must be of the same type. Strings, numerics, arrays, and files are evaluated using the same conventions as the size rule.

Here i will give you solution and full example for laravel validation lte field example. So let's see the bellow example:

Solution :


'amount' => 'required|lte:100',


Full Example

Add Route

use App\Http\Controllers\ValidationController;



Controller : app/Http/Controllers/ValidationController.php


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;

class ValidationController extends Controller


public function lteValidation()


return view('validation.lteValidation');


public function lteStore(Request $request)



'amount' => 'required',

'adv_amount' => 'required|lte:amount',




View : resources/views/validation/lteValidation.php

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Laravel lte Validation Example</title>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha512-oc9+XSs1H243/FRN9Rw62Fn8EtxjEYWHXRvjS43YtueEewbS6ObfXcJNyohjHqVKFPoXXUxwc+q1K7Dee6vv9g==" crossorigin="anonymous" />

<script src="" integrity="sha512-bLT0Qm9VnAYZDflyKcBaQ2gg0hSYNQrJ8RilYldYQ1FxQYoCLtUjuuRuZo+fjqhx/qtq/1itJ0C2ejDxltZVFg==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

<script src="" integrity="sha512-8qmis31OQi6hIRgvkht0s6mCOittjMa9GMqtK9hes5iEQBQE/Ca6yGE5FsW36vyipGoWQswBj/QBm2JR086Rkw==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha512-mSYUmp1HYZDFaVKK//63EcZq4iFWFjxSL+Z3T/aCt4IO9Cejm03q3NKKYN6pFQzY0SBOr8h+eCIAZHPXcpZaNw==" crossorigin="anonymous" />



<div class="container mt-5">

<div class="row">

<div class="col-md-8 offset-2 mt-5">

<div class="card">

<div class="card-header bg-info text-white">

<h3><strong>Laravel lte Validation Example</strong></h3>


<div class="card-body">

<form action="{{ route('store-lte') }}" method="post">


<div class="form-group">

<label>Amount :</label>

<input class="form-control" name="amount" value="{{ old('amount') }}">


<span class="text-danger">{{ $errors->first('amount') }}</span>



<div class="form-group">

<label>Adv. Amount :</label>

<input class="form-control" name="adv_amount" value="{{ old('amount') }}">


<span class="text-danger">{{ $errors->first('adv_amount') }}</span>



<div class="form-group">

<button class="btn btn-success btn-sm">Save</button>










Run Your Project

Now we are ready to run our example so run bellow command for quick run:

php artisan serve

Now you can open bellow URL on your browser:


It will help you....

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