Laravel digits_between Validation Example




Laravel digits_between Validation Example

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In this blog, I will show you how to validate digits between in laravel application. We will use simple use rules of laravel validator i want to check input for between 1 and 10. This article will give you laravel digits between valdation example.

The field under validation must be numeric and must have a length between the given min and max. numeric.

Here, i will show you how to works laravel validation for digits_between. you can see laravel validation digits_between must have a length min and max. This article will give you simple example of digits_between in laravel validation. So, let's follow few step to create example of laravel digits_between Validation Example.

Solution :


'amount' => 'required|digits_between:1,2'


Full Example

Add Route

use App\Http\Controllers\ValidationController;



Controller : app/Http/Controllers/ValidationController.php


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;

class ValidationController extends Controller


public function digitsBetweenValidation()


return view('validation.digitsBetweenValidation');


public function digitsBetweenStore(Request $request)



'amount' => 'required|digits_between:1,2',




View : resources/views/validation/lteValidation.php

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Laravel Between Validation Example</title>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha512-oc9+XSs1H243/FRN9Rw62Fn8EtxjEYWHXRvjS43YtueEewbS6ObfXcJNyohjHqVKFPoXXUxwc+q1K7Dee6vv9g==" crossorigin="anonymous" />

<script src="" integrity="sha512-bLT0Qm9VnAYZDflyKcBaQ2gg0hSYNQrJ8RilYldYQ1FxQYoCLtUjuuRuZo+fjqhx/qtq/1itJ0C2ejDxltZVFg==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

<script src="" integrity="sha512-8qmis31OQi6hIRgvkht0s6mCOittjMa9GMqtK9hes5iEQBQE/Ca6yGE5FsW36vyipGoWQswBj/QBm2JR086Rkw==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

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<script src="" integrity="sha512-T/tUfKSV1bihCnd+MxKD0Hm1uBBroVYBOYSk1knyvQ9VyZJpc/ALb4P0r6ubwVPSGB2GvjeoMAJJImBG12TiaQ==" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>



<div class="container mt-5">

<div class="row">

<div class="col-md-8 offset-2 mt-5">

<div class="card">

<div class="card-header bg-info text-white">

<h3><strong>Laravel Digits Between Validation Example</strong></h3>


<div class="card-body">

<form action="{{ route('store.digits.between') }}" method="post">


<div class="form-group">

<label>Amount :</label>

<input class="form-control" name="amount" value="{{ old('amount') }}">


<span class="text-danger">{{ $errors->first('amount') }}</span>



<div class="form-group">

<button class="btn btn-success btn-sm">Save</button>










Run Your Project

Now we are ready to run our example so run bellow command for quick run:

php artisan serve

Now you can open bellow URL on your browser:


It will help you....

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