How To Install ReactJS and project setup




How To Install ReactJS and project setup

Hello Friends,

In this blog we are learn how to basic setup ReactJS project. and we also learn how to install ReactJS with step by step. ReactJS is develop bt facebook engineer. ReactJS is a javascript frontend library. React has component based architecture for application development.

ReactJS first develop by jordan walke. and ReactJS first version release on may 29, 2013. Right Now it is maintained by facebook and it play with virtual DOM.

This is very fast due to virtual DOM that's why react js more popular to the other Framwork and library. react js work with only user interface it can not direct connect to database it's connect with API's.

This is the following step to install ReactJS...

Install Node.js

First we have to install nodejs in our system. you can also work without nodejs but you have to do more setting in your system. you van install node js from here after install you have to check then fire this command "node -v".

Command for ubuntu only....

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install nodejs

Install NPM

When you install Nodejs at that time NPM also install. NPM is also package of Nodejs. Now you have to check NPM version tthen fire this command in you command proment "npm -v"

Command for ubuntu only....

sudo apt-get install npm

Create React App

In this step we have to get basic setup of reactjs. when you fire following command then create one project with "blog-react" name. In this folder we have multiple folders and files.

npx create-react-app blog-react

Run React App

Now you have to run reactjs app or project then you have to run following command.

npm start

I hope it can help you...