Angularjs lowercase

In this demo we are conver specified string to lowercase. this lowercase string example with ng-repeat function. The lowercase filter converts a all string to lowercase letters.

This lowercase filter syntax like this

{{ string | lowercase }}

Example Demo


Languages Name Devloper Name
{{data.lang_name | lowercase }} {{data.developer_name | lowercase }}

Html Code

<div ng-app="" ng-init="live_data=[{lang_name:'Laravel',developer_name:'Mike'},
    <p>Search <input class="form-control" ng-model="query_string" type="text"></p>
    <table id="searchResults" class="table  table-bordered">
      <th>Languages Name</th>
      <th>Devloper Name</th>
    <tr ng-repeat="data in live_data | filter:query_string">
      <td>{{data.lang_name | lowercase }}</td>
      <td>{{data.developer_name | lowercase }}</td>