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    Weblike 1 year ago


    I'm following the dynamic-dependant-select-box-using-jquery-ajax tutorial. I have succesfully integrated in my form for creating new records, but I have an issue on EDIT form. 

    On edit form the "Country field is populated and the State field is empty.

    Can you help please?

    Thnak you.

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    Hardik Savani 1 year ago

    Thank for asking us.

    I see you following this tutorial : , i think for edit you need to pass $states variable with selected country. like this way:


    $countries = DB::table('countries')->pluck("name","id")->all();

    $states = DB::table('states')->where('id_country',$id_country_selected)->pluck("name","id")->all();

    return view('myform',compact('countries','states'));


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