Vue Switch Case Example

Mar 11, 2021



Hi Guys,

Today,I will learn you how use switch Case in vue, we will show example of vue js switch case. we will install v-switch-case package for vue js switch case.

We recently looked at if statements in vue, but now it’s time to switch things up! We’d look to use the switch statement whenever we have multiple test case for a particular expression. If you find yourself writing multiple if/else statements in vue, this may be worth condensing into a switch statement in vue.


Now,I will install package v-switch-case.

npm install v-switch-case



<div v-switch="language">

<h1 v-case="'php'">PHP</h1>

<h2 v-case="'laravel'">LARAVEL</h2>

<h3 v-case="'html'">HTML</h3>

<h4 v-case="'css'">Css</h4>




import Vue from 'vue'

import VSwitch from 'v-switch-case'


export default {

data() {

return {

language: 'php'







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