React Bootstrap Navbar Example

Mar 17, 2020



React Bootstrap Navbar Example

Hello Guys,

In this tutorial, i will show you react bootstrap navbar component. i would like to share with you react bootstrap navbar always on top navbar with react router. In this article, we will implement a react bootstrap navbar button. it's simple example of react bootstrap navbar bg color. Here, Creating a basic example of react js navbar dropdown.

If you are start react js learning then we are provide you best artical. you have to use bootstrap navbar first import from "react-bootstrap". navbar stick on top then you can use sticky="top". also you can change navbar background color using "bg" attribute.

In this navbar you have to set you route path in "href" attribute. no need to define "link" tag.

Install Bootstrap Command

npm install react-bootstrap bootstrap

then import bootstrap in index.js "bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css".

/src/BootstrapNavbar.js file

import React from 'react'

import {

BrowserRouter as Router,




} from "react-router-dom";

import { Navbar,Nav,NavDropdown,Form,FormControl,Button } from 'react-bootstrap'

import Home from './Home';

import AboutUs from './AboutUs';

import ContactUs from './ContactUs';

class BootstrapNavbar extends React.Component{




<div className="row">

<div className="col-md-12">


<Navbar bg="dark" variant="dark" expand="lg" sticky="top">

<Navbar.Brand href="#home">React Bootstrap Navbar</Navbar.Brand>

<Navbar.Toggle aria-controls="basic-navbar-nav" />

<Navbar.Collapse id="basic-navbar-nav">

<Nav className="mr-auto">

<Nav.Link href="/">Home</Nav.Link>

<Nav.Link href="/about-us">Contact Us</Nav.Link>

<Nav.Link href="/contact-us">About Us</Nav.Link>

<NavDropdown title="Dropdown" id="basic-nav-dropdown">

<NavDropdown.Item href="#action/3.1">Action</NavDropdown.Item>

<NavDropdown.Item href="#action/3.2">Another action</NavDropdown.Item>

<NavDropdown.Item href="#action/3.3">Something</NavDropdown.Item>

<NavDropdown.Divider />

<NavDropdown.Item href="#action/3.4">Separated link</NavDropdown.Item>



<Form inline>

<FormControl type="text" placeholder="Search" className="mr-sm-2" />

<Button variant="outline-success">Search</Button>




<br />


<Route exact path="/">

<Home />


<Route path="/about-us">

<AboutUs />


<Route path="/contact-us">

<ContactUs />










export default BootstrapNavbar;

I hope it can help you...