PHP 8 Concatenate String, Variable and Arrays Examples




PHP 8 Concatenate String, Variable and Arrays Examples

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Today i will explained How to Concatenate String, Variable and Arrays in php 8 and other versions. THis articalis also working with php.

The concatenate term in PHP refers to joining multiple strings into one string; it also joins variables as well as the arrays.PHP, concatenation is done by using the concatenation operator (".") which is a dot.

Php is provided to the two types of Concatenation ("."),('.=') to provided in php 8.

So let's start to the artical.

(".") Operator

The dot concatenation operator in PHP concatenate its right and left arguments.

('.=') Operator

This second concatenation operator helps in appending the right side argument to the left side argument.

Concatenate Two Strings & Variables In PHP Example


$string1 = 'John';

$string2 = 'shina';

$name_str = $string1 . ' ' . $string2;

echo $name_str;



John shina

Concatenating Variable With String In PHP Example


$var = "Hello";

echo $var.' World';



Hello World

Concatenate Two Arrays In PHP Example

This example to learn how to merge two array in php using array_merge() method through.


$myArr = array(1, "tv" => "ac", 2, "washing machine", 3);

$mySecondArr = array("word", "abc", "vegetable" => "tomato", "state" => "washington dc");

$output = array_merge($myArr, $mySecondArr);






[0] => 1

[tv] => ac

[1] => 2

[2] => washing machine

[3] => 3

[4] => word

[5] => abc

[vegetable] => tomato

[state] => washington dc


Now you can check your own.

I hope it can help you...

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