Laravel Google Translate Tutorial

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Hi Guys,

In this blog,I will learn you how to use google translate package in can easy and simply use google translate package in laravel.

Laravel Google Translate is a package that provides an artisan console command to translate your localization files with the Google translation API..Laravel Google Translate is a good Laravel package that we can use to translate our files to other languages automatically using stichoza/google-translate-php or Google Translate API.

The console command php artisan translate:files walks you through some prompts to determine how to proceed with your translations files:


composer require tanmuhittin/laravel-google-translate

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Tanmuhittin\LaravelGoogleTranslate\LaravelGoogleTranslateServiceProvider"

If you would like to use stichoza/google-translate-php you do not need an API key. If you would like to use Google Translate API, edit config/laravel_google_translate.php and add your Google Translate API key.

php artisan config:cache

Then you can run

php artisan translate:files

It will help you...