How to run laravel project without php artisan serve command

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Hi Dev,

Today, I will show you how to run laravel without "php artisan serve" command. First we will install laravel project.

Whenever every time you can run laravel project then use the "php artisan serve" command in cmd(terminal) . but today, I will share some tric of laravel how to run without "php artisan serve" command.

Rename File

First, you find the "server.php" file in root your project directory. that file rename to "index.php".

htaccess File

Copy to ".htaccess" file in public directory and paste on your project root directory.

You completed above step, then after You can run laravel without "php artisan serve" command.

Change Assest Url

if you are not working of assest Url, Then go to config folder and open the app.php file. You can change assest Url in this file. like as "http://localhost/your-Project-Folder-Name/public/"

It will help you....

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