How To Install Flutter in Android Studio in Ubuntu




How To Install Flutter in Android Studio in Ubuntu

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In this blog,I will explain you how to install flutter on android studio in linux. we will show stepby step install flutter in linux. you can easyliy install flutter on android studio in linux.i will explain install flutter for system requirements.

I will give full steps for install flutter on android studio in linux.

System requirements

To install and run Flutter, your development environment must meet these minimum requirements:

->Operating Systems: Linux (64-bit)

->Disk Space: 600 MB (does not include disk space for IDE/tools).

->Tools: Flutter depends on these command-line tools being available in your environment.




-git 2.x







->Shared libraries: Flutter test command depends on this library being available in your environment. - provided by mesa packages such as libglu1-mesa on Ubuntu/Debian

Get the Flutter SDK

Step 1: Download Flutter

Download the following installation bundle to get the latest stable release of the Flutter SDK:

Download Flutter Tar File

For other release channels, and older builds, see the SDK archive page.

Step 2: Extract Flutter Bundle

cd ~/development

tar xf ~/Downloads/flutter_linux_1.17.4-stable.tar.xz

Step 3: Add the flutter

Add the flutter tool to your path:


This command sets your PATH variable for the current terminal window only.

Step 4: Optionally, pre-download development binaries

The flutter tool downloads platform-specific development binaries as needed. For scenarios where pre-downloading these artifacts is preferable (for example, in hermetic build environments, or with intermittent network availability), iOS and Android binaries can be downloaded ahead of time by running:

flutter precache

For additional download options, see flutter help precache.

You are now ready to run Flutter commands!

Step 4: Run flutter doctor

Run the following command to see if there are any dependencies you need to install to complete the setup (for verbose output, add the -v flag):

flutter doctor

This command checks your environment and displays a report to the terminal window. The Dart SDK is bundled with Flutter; it is not necessary to install Dart separately. Check the output carefully for other software you might need to install or further tasks to perform (shown in bold text).

For example:

[-] Android toolchain - develop for Android devices

• Android SDK at /Users/obiwan/Library/Android/sdk

? Android SDK is missing command line tools; download from

• Try re-installing or updating your Android SDK,

visit for detailed instructions.

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