How to Check Codeigniter Application Version ?




hi Guys,

In this tutorial,I will learn you how to check codeigniter application can easy ans simply to check codeigniter application version.

Ideally, we are going to answer for newbie developers. I do remember when i first started development with CI. Then i got stuck at the beginning for checking the version of Codeigniter.

But my relentless efforts gave me the answer, and yes, google search also played a vital role in it. But the whole process took time, and i am here to save your time that i put on in finding the exact version of Codeigniter application.

Check Codeigniter Version Example

You can open this file and search for “The current version of CodeIgniter Framework” line of text within the Codeigniter class.


class CodeIgniter



* The current version of CodeIgniter Framework


const CI_VERSION = '4.0.4';


The Relentless Way

This method is pretty simple and straightforward; developer’s love this way. Just open your view template and define the below code it will print out the Codeigniter version in one go.


echo \CodeIgniter\CodeIgniter::CI_VERSION;


We are creating this tutorial considering Codeigniter 4, if you want to check the find out the app version in Codeigniter 3 then use the below line of code.




So, these were the methods through which you can display and check the CodeIgniter app version that you are working on.